Dem lawmaker Cori Bush claims she was forced to get an abortion against her will
(Miki Jourdan/Flickr)

During an appearance on the PBS show Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) said that when she went to get her second abortion at the age of 19, she had a change of heart just as the procedure was about to take place, but the abortion providers ignored her and went ahead with the procedure anyway.

Host Margaret Hoover mentioned a portion of Bush's book where she talked about her experience, telling Bush her view on the "complicated topic" was "nuanced."

Bush said she expected to experience "harm or some racism" during the procedure based on her first abortion experience, but she nevertheless "thought I was ready."

"And I went in and I went through all the steps, because it's almost like an assembly line ... and I got into the last room, I was helped up onto the table by the nurse, and I laid there and I started to think, one, I didn't tell the father that this was about to happen, and I felt like I just needed more time," Bush said. "So I said, 'No. You know what? I'm not ready.'"

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According to Bush, when she said she didn't want to go through with the abortion, the nurse "wouldn't listen to me."

"And as I'm saying 'No,' they continue to pull the instruments and get everything ready and it was just like, 'No, calm down,' you know, 'No, you're gonna be okay,'" Bush said, recounting the back-and-forth between her and the abortion providers, adding, "They absolutely ignored me."

"I didn't understand at that point where I had a voice, like, who listens to me," Bush said. "And so I remember lying there looking to see if there was someone else in the room that would listen to me, and during this time they put the instrument inside me and started the instrument, and I'm saying, 'No,' but it was too late because you couldn't stop once it started."

Watch the video below or at this link.