Trump is 'daring the DOJ to come and get him' over more missing documents: NYT's Haberman
Donald Trump (Photot by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI for AFP)

During an appearance on CNN's "Inside Politics" on Friday afternoon, the New York Times' Maggie Haberman claimed Donald Trump is deliberately trying to provoke another confrontation with the Department of Justice over missing government documents.

Reacting to a report, she contributed to that states that government officials believe the former president is still in possession of government property, the journalist suggested that Trump is drawing a line in the sand in his battles with the DOJ.

Reflecting on her reporting that, "It is not clear what steps the Justice Department might take to retrieve any material it thinks Mr. Trump still holds," Haberman was asked by host John King what Trump thinks he's doing.

"It means that this is yet another stand-off, like we have seen at various points throughout this year," Haberman told the host.

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"You had the Justice Department asking if there were additional documents in the spring, then there was a subpoena, then a search, then the Trump people said they returned everything with classified markings," she elaborated. "Then there was an FBI search and so I think we are entering that territory again."

'We reported and as we understand it, this is part of ongoing negotiations or discussions between the Trump folks and the DOJ," she continued. "The DOJ has believed, not just there's additional documents, but they've talked about Bedminster, his club in New Jersey specifically. There's questions about whether he might have documents at another location."

"The Trump team is basically daring the DOJ, once again, to come get him and we'll see what the DOJ does," she concluded.

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