Watch: Conservative gets hammered on The View after blaming inflation on Democrats
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In a discussion about inflation and economic issues, Republican Alyssa Farah Griffin was quick to say that Democrats are the only ones in charge. But the co-hosts of "The View" fired back that the Democrats don't control corporations that are jacking up prices despite record profits.

Speaking to the top issue to Americans on Thursday, Whoopi Goldberg showed the video of Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), who said that corporations are drawing in about 54 percent of additional profit. Because Democrats are in power, Republicans have blamed them, despite inflation being a global issue that all countries are facing in wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

"You know so, one of the things that has been making me crazy is when people say, why don't the Democrats get the message out?" Goldberg asked. "I figured out that it's not the Democrats who are having the problem. The media is not reporting any of this because I came across this information yesterday out of the blue, and I thought, if you tell me that we had two years of not working — nobody was working — we got some help from the government to make sure we could pay our rent, take care of business, and now y'all are raising the prices of stuff when you don't have to. When you have enough money to lower and still maintain what you got, I don't understand. I don't understand why we have to say, lower the gas prices. You didn't have to raise them."

"Corporations are going to do what they do to make more money. It has to be reported. That's the only thing you can do really, and can i just say one thing?" Joy Behar cut in. "The Republicans historically have screwed up the economy. This is some kind of a myth that Republicans are better at the economy. The United States has had 17 recessions in the past hundred years. And 13 of them have been under Republicans, okay? And the great depression and the recessions we can remember, 1981, 2007, 2020 were all under Republicans. Every time the Republicans are in office, the deficit goes up. Then the Democrats have to come in and sweep it all up and fix it up, and they lose because people — I don't know what they're thinking right now. And then the Dems have to come in and fix it again. That is what's happening."

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Griffin said that the group could "blame whoever you want whether it's corporations or Republicans. Democrats control everything, and real Americans are struggling right now."

Behar came back, disagreeing that somehow the Democrats are in control of the world.

"It needs to be the message, but Democrats don't control corporations and what generally happens is when Republicans get into office, they are controlled by corporations and they give corporate tax breaks," said Sunny Hostin. "Corporations never pay their fair share on Republicans. And the other thing I think is fascinating to your point, if you look at it, the average income of Americans would be more than double its current level if the economy had somehow grown at the Democratic rate for all of the past nine decades. That is a Republican problem, not a Democratic problem."

Sara Haines cut in to say that it's a myth Democrats are actually controlling everything when the Senate can't even function due to the filibuster.

"When you say they control everything, the issue I have with that is we can't seem to get any movement because the Senate is so close. So nothing can get passed and right now the solution to Sunny's point about corporations and the government not controlling them, one thing they could do is to implement a temporary excess profit tax, and they've done that before in the history of this country during wartimes. Bernie Sanders tried to get it passed, but I think he might have gone too high on the percentage, but that is something when you think an how we all adjust on the ground, and we're struggling for food and gas, I feel like corporations, even in a free market should have to do their part too."

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