Robert Eugene Crimo, III
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According to CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson, the father of the Highland Park shooter could be facing serious criminal charges of his own after unrepentantly admitting that he helped arm his son despite knowing about his mental instability.

In a recent interview, Bobby Crimo Jr responded to reports that the state of Illinois was opening an investigation into his efforts to help his son buy guns by stating, “Do I regret that? No, not three years ago -- signing a consent form to go through the process … that’s all it was. Had I purchased guns throughout the years and given them to him in my name, that's a different story. But he went through that whole process himself.”

With his son Robert “Bobby” Crimo III charged with seven counts of first-degree murder for his attack on the crowd at a July 4th parade, Jackson said he wouldn't be surprised to see the father hauled into criminal court and charged.

Speaking with CNN "New Day" hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar, Jackson said the father of the accused shooter will likely be on the receiving end on several civil suits -- but serious criminal charges should be of greater concern.

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"Let me put my prosecution hat on," Jackson stated. "Look, the reality is that you don't only prosecute people for intentional actions, you prosecute them because they're reckless. If you are the father and if police have come to the home dozens of times as was reported, in the event the police took 16 knives, a dagger, a sword, in the event police were interested because you were attempting suicide and you were endangering other people, I call that reckless behavior."

"Do you know what, there is a statute that addresses it it's called involuntary manslaughter," he added. "By way of analogy, we see in the [Ethan] Crumbly's case in Michigan the charges they're [his parents] are being faced with. Why? Because of their knowledge as to what their son was about and their failure -- he shot and killed four, injured seven others in the school -- their failure to do anything about it."

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