MSNBC's Joy Reid says cops finally know they must 'draw a line' at bad policing: 'Ten officers said this is too much'
Derek Chauvin (Screen Grab)

One of the things that was different in the trial of Derek Chauvin was that other police officers came forward to say that he was wrong in his actions and in his behavior. It has been the first time that the so-called "blue line" of police fought back against a bad officer.

"We do not consent to police being free to kill the very people that they are using tickets to pay for policing, right?" Reid explained. "Black communities are by and large paying for the cops, paying for policing, because we're getting the tickets written on us. We're getting pulled over. We're the ones who are subsidizing and funding the killing of our own families. And people of all races are finally saying, 'this is the line.' And as I was saying, before we went to the great reporting on the ground there, there are some police who are saying it too. I know you talked to a lot of law enforcement folks in the last several weeks. So, have I, Nicolle, and even law enforcement people that I have talked to are saying, 'We've got to draw lines.' And ten police officers drew a line with Derek Chauvin, and they said, 'This is too much.' And I think that's important for public policy."

See the video below:

The thin blue line is crumbling -- finally