The Arizona audit (screen capture)

On CNN Monday, reporter Kyung Lah revealed what happened when she attempted to track down the corporate headquarters of "Cyber Ninjas," the mysterious pro-Trump cybersecurity firm hired by the GOP-controlled Arizona Senate to conduct a controversial "audit" of ballots in Maricopa County.

Lah ultimately did not find a great deal of substance behind the company, other than its founder, Doug Logan.

"The Cyber Ninjas were hired with very little experience. In fact, zero experience when it comes to election auditing," said Lah. "So we went to Sarasota, Florida ... our first stop, Cyber Ninjas legal department."

What she found was a rented mailbox inside a UPS store that had been described as a fourth-floor suite in an office building.

"No one ever answers the official business phone number," said Lah, playing a recording of a woman saying, "Thank you for calling Cyber Ninjas.

What's more, every single extension redirects callers to Doug Logan's voicemail.

"I'm still waiting for Doug Logan to call me back," said Lah. "He never returned any of our inquiries. What we can tell you on paper that the Cyber Ninjas ... were paid $150,000 by Arizona taxpayers to conduct this audit in addition to millions that were funneled into this effort. We don't know if they got millions, but millions was funneled into this effort to conduct this so-called audit."

The Cyber Ninjas report, which was intended to be delivered confidentially to the state Senate, has been delayed, due to Logan and several of his associates reportedly falling ill with COVID-19.

Watch below:

Kyung Lah tries to track down the "Cyber Ninjas"