Oregon dad gives up firearms after Texas massacre: 'Guns aren't as precious as my children'
Ben Beers (Screen cap via TikTok)

An Oregon gun owner went viral after sharing a video claiming that he turned his weapons over to police to be destroyed.

Ben Beers, of Hillsboro, posted the video on TikTok explaining his decision to get rid of an AR-15 rifle like the one a gunman used to kill 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and the post was viewed more than 200,000 times in the first day, reported KGW-TV.

“I was up all night, tossing and turning, crying and shaking,” Beers said, and he decided Wednesday morning to get rid of the rifle and his 9-mm handgun.

“Hopefully soon we can all wake up and realize this needs to be done," Beers said. "This is an idea — guns are not as precious to us and nor are my Second Amendment rights as the lives of my children in school."

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The 37-year-old Beers is a married father of two daughters, and he hopes guns are far less prevalent by the time they're grown.

“I can't even find a PlayStation 5, but I can go get a Glock, you know?” Beers said.

Hillsboro police contracts with a company that destroys weapons turned in to the department, which they said happens about once a month.

“It could be a death in the family and someone has left them a firearm that they don't want in the house and they decide to turn it in to us,” Sgt. Clint Shrz, who said most law enforcement agencies do the same.

Beers hopes Congress will pass new legislation restricting gun ownership or even amend the Constitution to prevent the epidemic of violence.

“Hopefully America can wake up," he said, "because no other country has the problem we do with gun culture and ideation and gun violence like we do."