'Patriots don’t work for communists': Fox News host Dan Bongino faces backlash after network censors Trump
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino (Screen cap).

Former President Donald Trump's spokesperson Liz Harrington started a war on social media sites like Twitter and Parler after it was discovered Fox News edited out his election claims.

Trump spoke with Fox's Dan Bongino, where he continued his false claims about the election. Fox then cut about 40 seconds from the 16-plus minute interview. When Harrington saw what the network had done, she immediately lashed out at the network, which then sent Trump supporters to attack Bongino. He then attacked Harrington, asking why she didn't just call him to ask what happened and he could have figured it out behind the scenes. Instead, she started a digital war between Fox, Bongino and the Trump cult.

You can see some of the rage from folks on Parler and Twitter below: