'Don't start that': NBC's Chuck Todd shuts down GOPer Dan Crenshaw for attacking reporting on Trump's election lies
NBC screenshot

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd shook himself out of his normal complacency on Sunday morning after Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) objected to reporting on Donald Trump's continual complaints the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

With the conservative Crenshaw saying questions about the election need to be left behind, host Todd brought up the former president's statement on Saturday calling the election the "Crime of the century."

That is when the battle began.

With Todd accusing the Republican of previously questioning the election results and adding "what you did gets weaponized by the former president," Crenshaw fired back.

"He's one of many leaders," Crenshaw stated before asserting, "You guys in the press love doing this -- and I get it. The press is largely liberal…"

That was when the NBC host cut him off and talked over him.

"Don't start that. There's nothing lazier than that excuse," Todd lectured as Crenshaw whined, "I'm not going to take the bait."

"I'm not trying to bait you," Todd shot back.

Watch below: