Watch: Conservative school board member hammered by parents for her ‘repugnant’ attacks

A conservative Ohio school board member is rejecting calls for her resignation as she faces criticism from parents, WLWT reports.

During a packed Lakota Local Schools board meeting this Monday, several parents were vocal in their desire to see Darbi Boddy go. As WLWT points out, Boddy was served a notice of trespassing last week after she entered two district schools without notice. Now she is barred from school property unless she's invited for board-related business.

A week before, Boddy said she inadvertently posted a link to pornography on her Facebook page in a post that was criticizing sex education programs that she says are being taught in schools. She walked out in a huff as her colleagues passed a motion censuring her.

Boddy has also accused schools of teaching critical race theory and has attacked social and emotional learning (SEL) standards.

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"Critical race theory is alive and well in teachings and programs in Lakota. I will be proposing meaningful community conversations to define and demystify the philosophy, expose its tenets and associated programs. Programs and teachings that are designed to ensure that critical race theory permeates every aspect of a child's education," Boddy said.

"I know what we have and I know what we could lose if partisan politics are allowed to play a role on this school board. I want to thank Mr. Miller for his quick actions this week in regards to the safety of our students and building security," a parent said at the meeting.

"To hear there are extremists attacking these well researched and effective practices based on political rhetoric without an understanding of what SEL actually is, is repugnant," another parent said.

Watch a report on the story from WLWT below or at this link.

Lakota school board member defies calls to resign

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