Daunte Wright's shooter was 25-year police veteran on Brooklyn Center negotiation team: report

On Monday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune identified the police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota after allegedly mistaking her gun for her taser as Kimberly Potter, 48.

And far from being a rookie on the force, Potter is a longtime veteran of the department who has worked in high-profile policing roles.

"Potter was first licensed as a police officer when she was 22 years old and soon became a Brooklyn Center police officer," said the report. "Among her duties during her tenure with the Brooklyn Center Police Department has been serving on the force's negotiation team."

"In a previous fatal shooting of a man in the Minneapolis suburb in August 2019, Potter was among the first to arrive at the scene where Kobe Dimock-Heisler died after he allegedly rushed at officers with a knife in a home," said the report. "Potter instructed the two officers involved 'to exit the residence, get into separate squad cars, turn off their body worn cameras, and to not talk to each other,' according to an investigative report from the Hennepin County Attorney's Office. Both officers' actions were found to be justified, and no charges were filed."

The death of Wright, in the same metropolitan area where George Floyd was killed last year, has triggered a fresh wave of angry police brutality protests, in defiance of a county-wide curfew.