Defendant caught on video drinking bleach after he hears his guilty verdict

A man convicted of robbery sparked a new investigation after he drank bleach in the courtroom upon hearing his guilty verdict, The Daily Beast reports.

A report from Local 10 shows video of the moment Jermaine Bell can be seen drinking a substance from a cup and then collapsing. He can later be seen getting rushed away on a stretcher. He is reportedly in stable condition.

Bell, 38, has been in custody for over three years for a 2018 robbery where he pulled a gun on factory employees while disguised as a courier.

Now, his family wants to know how he was allowed to obtain the bleach.

“I see him drinking something that’s not right,” the Reverend Jerome Starling, a distant cousin of Bell’s, told Local 10. “His attorneys are letting him drink it. Corrections letting him drink it. All of a sudden I see him collapse. And I said how could this happen.”

Watch Local 10's report on the story below or at this link.

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