Dems hit Dr. Oz with new ad highlighting animal abuse allegations
Dr. Oz, heart surgeon & television personality speaks, at the Web Summit, Lisbon. (

Democratic Party operatives are spending big money on political ads attacking Republican Senate hopeful Mehmet Oz over alleged instances of animal abuse that occurred at the Columbia University Institute of Comparative Medicine while he served as “principal investigator" at the institution, Politico reports.

“It’s a story of unimaginable abuse,” the narrator says in one of the ads.” “Mehmet Oz ran experiments on puppies, killing over three hundred dogs. They were subjected to extreme suffering. … Puppies struggling to breathe, leaking blood, vomiting, paralysis; their screams horrifying.”

Oz has denied the accusations, saying through a campaign spokesperson that he was “not in the operating room when the operations were done, he wasn’t present during the post-op treatments, no one alerted him of the problem until after the cases were finished and he does not condone the mistreatment of animals.”

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As Politico points out, the abuse was first reported by local Philadelphia outlet Billy Penn which was followed by an investigation by Jezebel which found that Oz’s team at Columbia conducted experiments on at least 1,027 live animal subjects, including 34 experiments which resulted in the deaths of at least 329 dogs.

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