WATCH: Idaho COVID deniers encourage kids to burn their masks on state capitol steps

On Saturday, videos circulated of an anti-mask protest outside the state capitol in Boise, Idaho. People could be seen burning face masks in flaming barrels — and encouraging their children to join in.

According to KIDO talk radio, one of the demonstrators involved in the mask burning event said that it was organized in part by a "highly respected state legislator," although he refused to disclose who that legislator was.

This is not a one-off incident. Protesters of COVID-19 health measures in Idaho have been organizing mask burnings for months, including one last August at the Panhandle Health District in Hayden.

Multiple states are doing away with mask mandates for businesses, including Texas and Mississippi. Public health officials have slammed these decisions as premature, and President Joe Biden has attacked the mask mandate repeals as "Neanderthal thinking."