John Oliver roasts Ron DeSantis for calling him 'irrelevant' — and dares him to deny bizarre Thai food story
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Late-night comedian John Oliver took down Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in one of his investigative stories at the start of the month, covering a series of policy failures and his unwillingness to answer questions from the press, among many other things. To which DeSantis later hit back, calling the host "irrelevant."

On "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Oliver responded, highlighting the irony of DeSantis' response.

"It's a fair hit," said Oliver. "It might be the first thing he's said I've agreed with, to be honest. I mean, also, it's a little rich, because we reached out to him in the advance of that piece ... we had pages of questions for him and he ghosted us on all of them. So yeah, his response was literally irrelevant because he didn't f**king provide one."

Oliver also discussed one of the segment's most absurd anecdotes about DeSantis, which was that as a young man, he would purposely mispronounce Thai food as "thigh food" as part of a strategy to weed out potential dating partners.

"Yes, that was his technique on the dating scene," said Oliver. "He would mispronounce 'thigh food' and wait for his date to react. And apparently, if she corrected him, he would end the date because he did not want to be corrected."

"We reached out to find out, like, is this true? If not, please do deny it, because it feels really true," said Oliver. "It feels so emblematic of you as a human being. If you didn't do it, arguably you should have done. It would have made more sense of who you are."

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John Oliver Responds to Ron DeSantis Calling Him Irrelevant