Former colleague mocks Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes because Trump is likely to abandon it
Devin Nunes (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Donald Trump was restored to Twitter on Sunday along with all of his previous tweets and a large following that is 20 times larger than his following on Truth Social. It sparked Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) to assume that the former president was about to bail on his social media site.

"Well, look, I get that people are on all sides of the debate. The fact that he did it with a poll of however many of those could be bots, they aren't real people voting in that. Secondarily, I don't know if that decision should be made by some poll," said Kinzinger.

"What happened -- remember specifically when this was all done, so not only was he lighting and accelerating the fire on January 6th, also before January 6th with his conspiracies, at the end of the day — he said this is what you get when a victory is so unceremonious taken away from the American people," Kinzinger continued. "So, not only when it was done did he have any remorse, of course you had an insurrection! That's what you get when you steal an election! I remember seeing that tweet and being outraged at how after all of this is done, you can still do that, and this idea that he's going to come on and be reformed. Everybody knows he won't. By the way, as a quick aside, the person most upset probably is Devin Nunes, this is going to tank Truth Social."

The social media site was funded by investors giving money for Trump's media company. It was scheduled to merge with the Digital World Acquisition Corp.

Nunes left Congress to become CEO of Truth Social.

See the discussion between CNN's Jake Tapper and Rep. Adam Kinzinger below:

Poor poor devin nunes