Justice Department can move forward with investigation on documents Trump still has: former US Attorney
2016 White House photo.

A Justice Department filing on Tuesday revealed its belief that Trump still has documents in his possession despite multiple claims that he has handed over everything.

National Archives staff told the DOJ weeks ago that they believed there were still missing documents, which was echoed in the Tuesday filing.

While U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon has put a temporary stop to any investigation involving the documents seized by the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, she has no control over the DOJ probe into those Trump still has in his possession, noted former U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance, who now teaches at the University of Alabama Law School and co-hosts the "Sisters in Law" podcast.

"If there's one takeaway here and it's not certain, but there's more of an implication in this newly released information that the former president did play a role in the provision of information about documents to whoever the lawyer was who certified this information to the Justice Department," Vance explained.

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"There's this implication that documents were stored in storage areas and that there was nothing in personal offices," Vance continued. "That seems like the sort of information that would have been likely to come from the former president. This gives DOJ more of a basis to move forward. And, of course, because this involves the grand jury subpoenas and not documents ultimately seized in the search, DOJ is free to move forward without violating Judge Cannon's order."

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Justice Department can move forward with investigation on document Trump still has www.youtube.com

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