FBI informant says he turned over evidence on Three Percenters that wasn't acted on — here's why
Two men charged in with plotting a bomb attack on the Sacramento, California Democratic Party headquarters were followers of the extreme right Three Percenter militia movement(AFP)

Former U.S. Army Sgt. Kristofer Goldsmith on Monday discussed the ways that Elon Musk's remaking of Twitter into an anything-goes site with almost no moderation has enabled and emboldened extremist groups in the United States.

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace along with former FBI counterintelligence official Frank Figliuzzi, Goldsmith explained that while the drama over Musk and Twitter has been largely ignored by those outside of the tech industry, the extremist coordination and promotion is now crossing over into the ongoing issue of domestic extremism.

"Over the last few months since Elon has sealed this deal and taken over Twitter we've seen a lot of the cesspool of 4chan and 8chan and a lot of these alternative social media websites bleed into Twitter because Elon is very deliberately trying to welcome those far-right extremists into the fold and to coddle them," said Goldsmith. "We've seen far-right politicians interacting with Elon Musk on a regular basis. Now, as far as law enforcement goes, 13 months ago I was on your show and I talked about how I had infiltrated the Three Percenters, or a group of Three Percenters and how I had recorded them interviewing myself and interviewing other veterans specifically asking if we were joining and willing and able to kill members of so-called Antifa or Black Lives Matter."

He explained that he gave the information to the FBI immediately but as far as he knows nothing had been done on the grounds that arresting them for those statements would violate their First Amendment rights.

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"Until you start making an exact plan, according to most of the law enforcement that I've interacted with, to commit violence, you haven't crossed the line," said Goldsmith. "So since that happened, right? That story went super viral. The Jan 6 Committee asked for the evidence. I gave it all to them. Hopefully, they'll give it out soon or it will be included in the report."

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