CNN counterterrorism expert warns extremist lawmakers are going to make it harder for the FBI to stop more acts of violence
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During a Friday morning appearance on CNN's "New Day," former CIA counterterrorism expert Phil Mudd warned that he expects extremist lawmakers will run interference for domestic terrorists by handcuffing law enforcement from investigating them which could then lead to more Jan 6th-type attacks.

Speaking with co-hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar, Mudd said that the biggest worry for the FBI is going to be lone wolf domestic terrorists and that it is incumbent on law enforcement to keep tabs on them when they are discovered.

Speaking of a proposed rally planned for Saturday at the Capitol, Mudd stated, "If you look at the number of people involved in this, even if you have only 700 people coming to the Capitol, think of how many people do they represent? 500,000? 5 million? A percentage of them will say democracy is under such threat because of the guidance they're receiving from leadership, democracy is under such threat I have to commit an act of violence. There's a sliver of people who are extremists who think they're being inspired to do something violent. It's mathematics, John."

"Like you just said, this is a conundrum because you need intelligence in every state and that's just impossible to have, to really have a good sense of what the problem is. and the same organizer of tomorrow's rally has actually planned similar rallies in 15 other states, Phil, over the next month. what are your worries there?' he was asked.

"I tell you, you know, one of my biggest worries, it's not doing the counterterrorism piece and the intelligence piece it's the political piece," Mudd explained. "Remember, if you're looking at an extremist organization, going in for a congressional hearing -- and I did so many of those I can't count -- Congress will say, 'Go get 'em son. Don't let them get us before we get them.' Going ahead six months, a year, two years into 2023, you're asking the FBI and state and local to investigate individuals going to political rallies and politicians will say, 'Let me get this straight, you have informants at my Stop the Steal rally? You have informants at a political event?' That's a free speech violation.' You're pitting law enforcement against politicians."

"I'm telling you, I don't know how you navigate that," he fretted. "It's going to get ugly, I think."

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