'Prove it!' Defiant GOP Senate candidate refuses to back off false claims about schools giving kids litter boxes
Don Bolduc

Trump-backed New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc on Wednesday defiantly stood by his false accusation against a local school that he claimed had provided litter boxes to children who identify as furries.

In an interview with NBC's Ryan Nobles, Bolduc insisted that he was right to accuse the school of giving children litter boxes because it was something he "heard" from a New Hampshire parent and their child.

Nobles, however, informed Bolduc that the school has denied that it is giving children litter boxes -- and Bolduc refused to back down.

"Well, you know, they came out and said they didn't mask children, they came out and said they didn't do a lot of things!" Bolduc replied. "I'm not backing down, OK? You got the wrong guy! Just because they say it, they need to prove it! Prove it! I got parents and kids telling me, they need to prove it to us!"

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Rumors about schools providing litter boxes to children are part of a viral hoax that has fooled an untold number of Americans that there is an epidemic of "furries" in schools.

Bolduc, however, is the first candidate for the United States Senate who has apparently fallen for the hoax.

Watch the video below or at this link.