Driver of swastika-adorned truck arrested near DNC feared someone was trying to 'change his magnetic frequency': report

New details are emerging on the man with a swastika-adorned truck arrested near the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

Capitol Police arrested Donald Craighead, 44, of Oceanside, California for Possession of Prohibited Weapons.

"Around midnight, a Special Operation Division Officer was on patrol when he noticed a Dodge Dakota pickup truck, with a swastika and other white supremacist symbols painted on it, outside of the DNC headquarters. The truck did not have a license plate," Capitol Police said.

After the officer noticed a bayonet and machete, Craighead was arrested.

ABC News reporter Alex Mallin obtained a report from the special agents who interviewed Craighead.

The report said the defendant "appeared to be malnourished."

"He appeared disheveled, with visibly unclean hands and arms, and he emitted body odor consistent with not bathing in several days," the report said.

The suspect complained about diversity in Washington, DC and Richmond, Virginia.

"Throughout the interview the defendant exhibited signs of possible mental illness. Specifically, the defendant advised that prior to being stopped by the police, he was 'patrolling' for individuals that were trying to change his magnetic frequency," the report said.