'I don’t want four more years of that': Trump 2020 voter dreads him back in office and tweeting again
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

In a column for the Atlantic, conservative pollster Sarah Longwell wrote that focus groups she has conducted on the 2024 presidential election are showing a massive shift away from former President Donald Trump with a substantial number of his supporters admitting they are "exhausted" with his act.

What should be concerning to the former president in her report that, in the past six months, out of nine focus groups, "only 14 percent of Trump 2020 voters wanted him to run in 2024, with a few others on the fence."

Longwell wrote that comments from conservative voters that she spoke with showed that many still endorse the former president while, at the same time, they believe he could never be re-elected.

According to one Trump voter from Washington state, "He’s just too divisive and controversial. There are good candidates out there waiting to shine.”

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"Unlike the impeachment hearings, which in some ways made GOP voters more defensive of Trump, the accumulating drama of the January 6 hearings—which they can’t avoid in social-media feeds—seems to be facilitating not a wholesale collapse of support, but a soft permission to move on," Longwell wrote. "And it helps that these GOP voters are enthusiastic about other candidates they could move on to. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the most popular alternative cited by voters in these focus groups. But they also like many other politicians who gained prominence during the Trump years, such as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott."

One Trump supporter cited Trump's controversial history on Twitter and claimed they were not excited about him being re-elected and then being handed Twitter privileges once again after being suspended over his Jan 6 tweets.

“I do not want four more years of ‘orange man bad’ and everybody screaming about every time he tweets—and believe me, he did some really bad tweets," the Ohio voter explained. "I don’t want four more years of that.”

Another Trump supporter from Wyoming chimed in, "I feel like there’s too many people against him right now. He’s never gonna make it … So I feel like somebody else needs to step in that has similar views, but not as big of an ego—who people like, I guess.”

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