'He never let it go': Why Trump might think his 2024 campaign will save him
Donald Trump (Trump photo via AFP)

In a deep dive into if and when Donald Trump will finally get around to announcing his 2024 presidential bid, one longtime political analyst poured cold water on a belief by the former president that, by announcing his bid, his legal problems will go away.

As the Guardian's David Smith wrote, one major roadblock to announcing sooner rather than later is that, once the former president formally jumps in the race, new restrictions on his fundraising -- and how the money is spent -- will go into effect.

As for the avalanche of legal problems that threaten to overwhelm Trump's world, noted political analyst Larry Sabato claims anyone who is advising Trump that an announcement will make them go away is dead wrong.

According to political commentator Kurt Bardella, "He’s an attention whore and everything always has to be about Donald. He has to make himself the centre of the universe so he goes out there and plays this little flirtatious ‘will he, won’t he?’ card and it’s just designed to continue to keep that conversation going."

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Sabato said the legal issues are a major roadblock.

With the Guardian's Smith writing, "It is possible, however, that should Trump’s legal perils reach a critical point of no return, that will be the spur for him to declare his candidacy and make the bogus claim to his supporters that he is the victim of a politically motivated persecution," the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia’s director told him, "He believes incorrectly that, if he’s a formal candidate, that will somehow protect him from legal charges. It will not. We’ve had quite a number of candidates in American history who got into legal troubles so I don’t know why he thinks that."

He then added, "Somebody probably said something to him once and he never let it go.”

According to Sabato, Trump's health may also make a presidential run a nonstarter.

“Nobody knows," he admitted. "He is very likely to run again but I can see scenarios in which he wouldn’t. He said himself, let’s see how my health is. He hasn’t had the best diet in the world and doesn’t look to me to be in particularly good shape.”

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