'Weak' and 'sad' Trump mocked as 'animatronic character' who doesn't even believe his own lies
Donald Trump's animatronic likeness at the Disney World’s Hall of Presidents. Image via screengrab.

Former President Donald Trump made a speech at his club this week spouting the same false claims about the 2020 election. Trump hasn't had any rallies since leaving office on Jan. 20 outside of the clubs he owns. Calling it the "fat Elvis" act, CNN host Jim Acosta played the video where Trump claimed that ballots are still being "found," even in states like New Hampshire, which wasn't even a close election.

"This is like watching the Hall of Discredited Presidents at Disney World," said Acosta. "It's just so sad. It's like he is an animatronic character now, just spewing out this stuff over and over, like he's got a string that you just pull behind him and you replace the batteries when they run low."

"I was about to say you were doing a disservice to fat Elvis, who had much more dignity than Donald Trump does right now," said John Avlon. "These talking points are totally disconnected from reality. He's talking about New Hampshire? What the hell is he talking about? He doesn't have a clue. That's just sad."

Avlon went on to call Trump "weak," saying that "it's sad and weak to see him talking to a couple of folks at Mar-a-Lago, reciting lies that he doesn't even seem to fully believe with enthusiasm. It only defends his ego. It's a tired act and doesn't even deserve a second stage in Vegas."

See the takedown below:

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