'It's murderous!' Morning Joe panelists bury 'reckless' Trump for 'spreading COVID around'
Donald Trump speaks during the first presidential debate in Cleveland. (Christos S / Shutterstock.com)

MSNBC panelists were appalled at revelations that Donald Trump had tested positive for COVID-19 before attending rallies, meeting with Gold Star families, boarding Air Force One and debating Joe Biden.

Former chief of staff Mark Meadows claims in his new book that Trump tested positive for virus on September 26, 2020, but soon afterward tested negative. Less than a week later, the White House disclosed that Trump had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

"Morning Joe" co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski described the notorious germaphobe's behavior as reckless at best and murderous at worst.

"He doesn't care about giving germs to other people," Scarborough said. "He doesn't want germs himself."

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"We always heard Donald Trump was such a germaphobe," said panelist Elise Jordan. "I guess he doesn't care about germs, his behavior is never that of someone who's a germaphobe, like COVID super spreader, his sexual behavior -- it's just gross."

"It's murderous," Brzezinski said. "It's murderous."

"I don't know about his sexual behavior," Scarborough said, laughing. "I don't believe half the lies Donald Trump tells about himself. Anyway, his behavior aside, he is a germaphobe, but he's a germaphobe about germs coming towards him, not going out. Talk about it, talk about you know following this closely, covering the White House, this is a guy who, after he knew he had COVID, he kept going to rallies, kept getting on Air Force One, talking to reporters on the plane, they kept getting people sick, he went to the debate. He could have gotten Biden and everybody else there sick with COVID. It's really -- this is an extraordinarily reckless run for what he did."

"The fear in the building right then, because so many reporters and staffers who felt like we were learning there had been a super spreader event a few days prior," said Jonathan Lemire, who covered the White House at the time. "The Supreme Court party, for lack of a better word, to have Trump have tested positive, as I said last hour, for him to have gone to a series of rallies, come back, in close proximity with staffers, with reporters, we know of at least one reporter who got sick after interaction on the back of Air Force One with the president, and then the debate itself, it can't be overstated how after the president revealed his diagnosis, which, of course, came a few days after the debate, now we know he had at least one positive test prior the debate, how freaked out the Biden team was by how reckless Trump had been going there, not being tested, blowing off the guidelines, his family not wearing masks."

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"At the time, though, inside that debate hall, with COVID going around the way COVID was going around, the Trump family not wearing masks, that was just virtue signaling, it wasn't science," Scarborough said. "It was stupid, stupid, virtue signaling, and reckless virtue signaling with their father on stage, again, with COVID, knowing he had COVID, spreading it around."

"He was sweating like a pig on stage," he added. "I mean, is -- as we say in the South, I don't think pigs sweat, but he was sweating onstage there and it was clearly, clearly in the throes of COVID and again, as I said before, hopped up on some steroids that Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco could only dream of having."

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