Jimmy Kimmel slams 'Typhoid Harry' Trump for spreading COVID: 'I wonder whose tiny hand they all shook'
Donald Trump at the first 2020 general election debate (screengrab).

Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night mocked Donald Trump for denying a report from his own "friend" and former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, suggesting that the then-president knew he had COVID-19 when he participated in the first 2020 debate.

Kimmel noted that according to Meadows' new book, Trump tested positive three days before the debate, on Sept. 26.

"He then tests again and gets a negative result, and says, 'Well that settles it, I'm fine,' and continues to hold a number of maskless ass-kiss rodeos," Kimmel said, adding that Trump didn't get tested prior to the debate, even though the rules required it, because he "arrived late," but Fox News allowed him to participate anyway.

"Three days later, he announces to the world he has COVID and is airlifted to the hospital like a cow with a broken leg," Kimmel said.

Noting that Fox News claimed the network was "relying on the honor system," Kimmel said, "You might as well rely on the Dewey Decimal System. Have you met Donald Trump? 'Do you promise you're negative, guy who ran a fake university?' Of course typhoid Harry wanted to debate anyway."

Kimmel then pointed to Trump's statement from Wednesday calling the report "fake news," which the host called "especially hilarious" given that the former president celebrated the announcement of Meadows' book in October.

"Two months later, Mark Meadows is a jerk and it's fake news," Kimmel said. "And If you do the math on the COVID, it means Trump had it at that little soiree he threw for judge Amy Coney Barrett, after which at least eight people who were there tested positive. I wonder who they got it from. I wonder whose tiny hand they all shook at that party."

Kimmel also noted that Trump later called in to Fox News and suggested he caught COVID from Gold Star families at another event on Sept. 27.

"The only thing shocking about any of this is that anyone would be shocked by it," Kimmel said. "Of course he didn't tell the Gold Star families and the Supreme Court justice and Joe Biden he was positive. This is a guy who didn't even wear a condom with a porn star. He draws on weather maps and tells you it's the real weather. Sadly, testing positive for COVID was the only positive thing he did in four years as president."

Watch below.

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