Denver gunman once praised ‘Trump’s maternal line’ for loyalty: 'We value our people over all'

The gunman who killed five people in a series of shootings in the Denver area on Monday once tweeted about the importance of loyalty in former president Donald Trump's "maternal line."

Lyndon James Mcleod, 47, reportedly had a history of extremist views and psychotic episodes, and police said he had been "on their radar." At least three of the shootings appear to have been targeted.

Mcleod wrote and published a series of books called “Sanction” under the name Roman McClay, according to Nexstar Media. He also used the name Roman McClay on Twitter.

In May 2020, Mcleod responded to a video posted by MSNBC, in which rapper 50 Cent said Trump should pardon adviser Roger Stone because "if that's his people he should look out for them."

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Mcleod wrote above the video: "Gangsters, Mafioso & tribal folks (Trump’s maternal line is Scot: MacLeod) value loyalty as an ethical marker. We see loyalty as a prerequisite for an honorable life. Squares (English/Yankees) worry about abstract 'consistency' & 'rule of law.' But we value our people over all."

The Daily Mail notes that the Roman McClay account appears to have been dormant since June 2020. But reports that Mcleod also used another Twitter account, Jack Three, and that he appeared to be obsessed with genetics.

“Moar journalism: Americans don’t understand their own history. Northern yankee fux are genetically different from southern rednecks. We are nothing alike," Mcleod wrote on the Jack Three account last June.

On Instagram, Mcleod identified himself as "96% Norse-Scot" and "4% Neanderthal."