Trump may have canceled Jan. 6 presser due to Sean Hannity’s ‘betrayal’: CNN reporter
President Donald Trumpa and Sean Hannity

Former president Donald Trump may have canceled his Jan. 6 press conference after learning that Fox News host Sean Hannity was "talking behind his back" in the days before and after the Capitol insurrection, according to CNN reporter Jamie Gangel.

In a letter requesting Hannity's testimony on Tuesday, the House select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection revealed several text messages that the Fox News host sent to former chief of staff Mark Meadows in the days before and after Jan. 6.

The text messages appeared to show Hannity unsuccessfully attempting to rein in Trump, and urging the former president to accept his defeat at the hands of Joe Biden.

"Whether or not Sean Hannity cooperates with the committee, and I would argue he's not going to want to, this is very bad news for Donald Trump," Gangel said of the text messages. "When he looks at these texts from his friend Sean Hannity to his former chief of staff Mark Meadows ... this is betrayal. These are the people around him talking about him behind his back and talking about that they're worried about his state of mind, what's happening, that Sean Hannity is afraid that the White House counsel is just going to walk away and quit. So I think you really have to think about why Donald Trump canceled his press conference for Thursday. It seemed to come right after this news came out."

Gangel added that the House select committee released only a few of Hannity's text messages in its letter.

"I'm told there are dozens of texts, and there are exchanges that go back and forth," Gangel said. "So I think the strategy for the committee is, look, they want to see whether Sean Hannity will cooperate, but they also want people to understand that the people closest to Donald Trump were worried about what was going to happen, didn't think it was going well, and ... they wanted him to stop talking when it was over, but they couldn't convince him to do it. They knew it was wrong."

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Jamie Gangel on Hannity's texts