WATCH: Biden supporter arrested at Trump rally for being 'disruptive' and 'heckling' right-wing reporter

An apparent supporter of President Joe Biden was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed by sheriff's deputies at Donald Trump's MAGA rally in Arizona on Saturday.

In a clip from Right Side Broadcasting Network, the MAGA outlet covering the rally, a reporter is shown interrupting an interview he was doing about "Trump coins" to cover the woman's arrest.

"They're actually kicking out the girl, that protester that earlier came by and heckled us," the reporter said, before racing over to the scene.

"This right here!" the reporter said, pointing dramatically at the woman while standing next to her lying face first on the ground beneath two deputies. "This right here is what happens when you come and you become disruptive!"

"I saw exactly what she was doing," the reporter added. "And of course this is what she wants in a way."

As the deputies led the woman away, people in the crowd could be heard yelling "Let's go, Brandon" and "Get out of here, communist!"

Watch below.