Seth Meyers rips ‘lobotomized’ Trump allies who ‘feigned outrage’ over Biden’s hot mic moment
US President Donald Trump (AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM)

Seth Meyers on Wednesday night took aim at Trump-loving Republicans who reacted with "feigned outrage" over President Joe Biden calling a Fox News reporter a "stupid sone of a b*tch" on a hot mic.

“The GOP’s reaction to Biden’s hot mic moment has once again proved that in order to be a Trump supporter, you have to lobotomize the part of your brain responsible for shame," the Late Night host said. "That’s why Rudy Giuliani always looks like he just woke up mid-brain surgery."

"Let’s just get the false equivalency out of the way," Meyers added. "This isn’t even remotely like Trump who repeatedly whipped his crazed fans into a frenzy by hurling insults at reporters and calling them the enemy of the people. Calling one person an SOB and then apologizing for it is not the same as unrepentantly hurling a constant stream of verbal abuse at reporters and threatening to punish or imprison them or change the laws to target them.”

Watch the full segment below.

Republicans Feign Outrage Over Biden's "Stupid Son of a Bitch" Comment: A Closer Look