'Clear potential of a federal crime': CNN analyst says Jan. 6 panel is 'laser focused' on fake Trump electors
Rudy Giuliani (screen shot)

On Friday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," former federal prosecutor Elie Honig outlined the implications of Congress pursuing the fake "alternate" electors Trump allies sought to submit to Congress from states that Joe Biden carried.

"Fourteen people tied to that subpoena," said anchor Erin Burnett. "They are obviously not going to get all 14 to cooperate and it is a long process, but do you think they will get a few? And is a few or a handful enough?"

"Yeah, Erin, there is so much here, and one thing we have seen this week is that the committee is really focused laser-like on these fake electoral certificates, and rightly so, because on one level, those certificates are evidence of a broader plot to overthrow this election," said Honig. "But also, more narrowly, in my view, those certificates are the cleanest example yet we've seen of a potential federal crime."

"Now, it is one thing to have talks, conversations," said Honig. "At some point, they cross a line into a criminal conspiracy. Where that line is perhaps is debatable. However, it is a federal crime to submit a false document to the federal government if your intent is corrupt, and I think there is a good argument that's the case here. Now, this strategy of subpoenaing these 14 individuals is very smart because if even just three, four, or five of them cooperate, they are going to all presumably be pointing to the same person who was the coordinator of this. We have reporting that it's Rudy Giuliani. If that's how it turns out, so be it, but that's crucial information for the committee to know."

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