Trump claims Biden could end Ukraine crisis 'quickly' but refuses to say how – mentions Space Force
Composite image of US Space Force uniforms (DOD) and Donald Trump on CNN (screengrab)

Former president Donald Trump invoked the U.S. Space Force on Saturday in response to a question about what he would do in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

During a news conference before his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump was asked, "If you were president right now, and the situation is what it is right now ... what should Joe Biden do?"

"Well I think I know exactly what should be done," Trump responded. "There are things that he should do, I would rather not tell him under this forum. I don't think it's appropriate to say that. But there are things he could do that would be very strong, very powerful, and I think would end it pretty quickly."

"Remember this, we are the greatest nuclear power — when I was in office, I had it rebuilt, modernized, and also rebuilt our military, also started Space Force, which has a lot to do with what we're talking about," Trump added. "But Russia has an almost equal nuclear power, and China is five years behind, but they have very substantial nuclear power. We all have to be very careful."

Watch below.