Trump accused of 'revving' up the Jan 6th crowd into a 'murderous rage' by former DOJ official
Capitol rioters (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman named Donald Trump as the main cause of violence on Jan 6th when his supporters overran the Capitol police in an attempt to get to lawmakers.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Litman grew incensed when describing the events of the day as he talked about the House select committee hearings.

After watching footage of the former president's supporters talking about trying to find vice president Mike Pence, host Witt asked, "So let's connect the dots here because clearly the crowd is angry that Pence did not heed Trump's calls. But the committee showed the former president and his lawyer, John Eastman, knew their theory that Pence had the authority to overthrow the election, wouldn't stand up in court. It was rejected by White House attorneys, completely rejected, and yet they still pressured Pence to do Trump's bidding. Does this rise to criminal behavior?"

"Yeah, I think so," the former DOJ official replied. "And I think it is part of the overall series of crimes that they could charge him with. But I do want to connect these dots because, check this out, again the Ivanka Trump call with Trump. So in the morning, they have this, when everyone calls a heated call. He is furious, he calls him [Pence] a wimp. He calls him worse."

"Then Trump goes out to the crowd and pretends it is all up to Pence," he continued. "'If he does it, then we are okay. Otherwise, I will be very disappointed.' He knows that Pence has already decided, but keeping it open like that is designed to induce the murderous rage in the crowd, when they do you find out."

"Then it is as a surprise that absolutely inflames them," he continued. "And we have testimony that we have heard from the DOJ, that it was no joke. They were ready to tear him limb from limb. So Trump placed this dishonestly in such a way to rev the crowd up to its maximum level of violence. Really sinister."

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