'Stay tuned!!!': Trump threatens GOP lawmaker who didn't back his 'rigged election' claim
Donald Trump -- Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

Taking time out from his poorly-attended Saudi-backed golf tournament at his Bedminster course, Donald Trump went on a multi-post tirade at Wisconsin Legislature Speaker Robin Vos (R), who is facing a primary vote this week, and threatened to endorse his Democratic opponent if he makes it to the November midterm election.

While also taking a slap at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) the former president raged at Vos who has refused to back Trump's claim that he won Wisconsin in 2020 and was cheated in the "rigged election."

Re-upping a Truth Social post where he claimed, "Robin Vos has done a terrible thing to Wisconsin. Election Integrity seems to mean nothing to him, despite a sweeping Wisconsin Supreme Court Victory. It was a RIGGED Election. A lot of people will be voting against Vos on Tuesday, and for very good reason. A do nothing RINO!!!" Trump added on, "…And Robin Vos is only getting worse. Wants toll booths put on many highways, and a BIG GAS TAX ASAP. He is a RINO disaster, very much as the worst politician in the Nation, “Giveaway” Mitch McConnell, who gives the Dems everything, and gets NOTHING for it - Never fights for Republicans!"

The former president then told his followers to "stay tuned" for a further announcement.

"Robin Vos is sooo bad for the Great State of Wisconsin that I am seriously thinking of Supporting and ENDORSING his Opponent. Anyone would be better! STAY TUNED!!!" he promised.