Watch: MAGA fan accuses CPAC organizers of bilking him out of money to watch Trump from the 'overflow room'
Donald Trump supporters (MSNBC screenshot)

In a video shared with MSNBC, an unidentified fan of Donald Trump complained that the organizers of the CPAC conference in Dallas, Texas, took money from customers wanting in and then kept them from entering the main rooms because the event was oversold.

In the interview with The Good Liars' Davram Stiefler, the man and his wife -- both wearing MAGA hats -- explained how they were treated.

"We are outside of CPAC in Dallas, 2022," Stiefler began. "People are getting turned away - want to tell us about it?"

"Yes, we were looking forward to seeing Trump live," the man explained. "We actually paid for it right here, and they knew we were not getting in."

"They sold you tickets -- it was already overcapacity -- they took your money, sent you in there and you just got turned away?" Stiefler asked, to which the man replied, "Exactly."

"Do you think it's an issue of the organizers of CPAC getting greedy?" he was asked.

"It could be that. It may not be organized enough, not knowing what the capacity was. I'm not gonna sit and watch in the overflow room." he complained.

Watch below or at this link.

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