Conservative explains why Trump's most ardent media supporters are freaking out and apologizing for him
Donald Trump at at Trump International in New Jersey (Shutterstock)

Conservative CNN commenter Margaret Hoover addressed the recent decision by President Donald Trump to encourage all people to get vaccinated. The aftermath of Trump's interview with Candace Owens has sent Trump media supporters into a frenzy either attacking him or attempting to apologize for him.

"First, that pretzel was Candace Owens explaining to her viewers — trying to explain what President Trump spoke," Hoover said. "She's really his unofficial spokesperson. Former President Trump spoke to the truth that vaccines work in an attempt to try to take credit for [himself], which is fine. But [Owens] now has to clean up his mess because her viewers and those subscribers and the people that watch The Daily Wire and are stuck in these conservative silo ecosystems believe that she is right and he is wrong."

Owens had to do a video explaining that Trump is "old" and essentially told his supporters how out of touch he is, not reading anything outside of mainstream media.

"What it demonstrates is that President Trump, when he was president, and when he was a candidate, was excellent — some people would say unflatteringly that he had a sense, like, a lizard sense — he had the ability to sort of tell where the base was and what they thought," Hoover continued. "He would reflect back conspiracy theories. He was simply doing that and rode the wave of sort of this conspiracy theory populism to power, to political power. And kind of missed a beat here. He spoke the truth and is actually having now all of the people who defended him are having to make excuses for him."

Trump previously also had a massive group of communications experts searching the internet to find what people were saying so that the president could participate in that feedback loop. Those people are largely gone and he's being left to his own thoughts. Without his precious Twitter account, he can't find that perspective, talking points, and information from his silo of supporters.

The other possibility is that Trump is truly struggling mentally. Former ally Omarosa Manigault Newman announced that if the former president intends to run again in 2024, she thinks he "needs to come clean about his health." In the past few months, books from former White House staffers have revealed just how serious Trump's case of COVID-19 truly was. His oxygen levels dropped so low that the White House doctors told staff that if they didn't get Trump to the hospital they'd be rolling him out on a stretcher because he was struggling to breathe.

In the days that followed the Owens interview, a one-time ally of Trump, Alex Jones, has attacked what the former president told his supporters. He then concluded that it must be part of a conspiracy or a blackmail scheme.

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