'Almost to the point of paranoia': Trump lawyer scrambling to uncover new investigations
Donald Trump (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

One of Donald Trump's attorneys is scrambling about in what appears to be a panicked attempt to find out if there are more new criminal investigations coming for her client as the walls close in on the former president.

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Roger Sollenberger, attorney Alina Habba is using her subpoena power to chase after information related to the $250 million lawsuit that New York Attorney General Letitia James is pursuing against the Trump Organization.

The report notes that Habba is on a fishing trip, looking for “information about other governmental investigations into the Trump Organization in addition to information about the conduct of the OAG investigation,” according to a letter from James' office.

According to Sollenberger, Habba's wide-ranging scramble to discover if there are any investigations has all the hallmarks that his legal team is "almost to the point of paranoia."

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The letter from the NY AG's office asserts, "The subpoenas, which have not been previously known to the public, will be submitted to the court under seal. The OAG is asking the judge in the case, Arthur F. Engoron, to quash the effort, calling it 'utterly irrelevant' and 'an improper attempt to seek information on separate criminal and regulatory investigations that is not relevant to this proceeding.'"

"The requests include communications with the Manhattan District Attorney—who is reportedly preparing to indict Trump in a separate matter—along with 'any other federal or state law enforcement agency concerning not just this case but any law enforcement investigation of Donald J. Trump and The Trump Organization,' the letter said," Sollenberger wrote before adding, "That scope is so broad and invasive, the New York AG argued, that it shows the Trumps are 'simply fishing for information' in an apparent attempt to 'investigate investigations' or 'even uncover investigations they may not be aware of.'"

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