'That's the big iceberg in front of him': Trump faces one major legal threat among many
President Donald Trump (AFP / Mandel NGAN)

Former president Donald Trump is embroiled in numerous lawsuits and criminal investigations since leaving the White House, and a legal analyst identified "the big iceberg in front of him."

NBC News reporter Tom Winter told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that Trump faces legal jeopardy in a number of cases -- which may be heating up in Manhattan, where district attorney Cy Vance Jr. has announced he won't seek another term, leading some to believe he'll wrap up his investigation before leaving office.

"I think long term, are there any particular concerns in Florida with any properties there? will that get swept up in the Manhattan district attorney's office or the attorney general, Letitia James, as you suggested, she is looking at this," Winter said. "We know her investigation from court filings and trying to get Eric Trump to testify, or sit for a deposition, rather, that that investigation also goes coast to coast. Right now that's believed to be civil in nature. She might have to refer out any criminal elements to local district attorneys."

"We are talking about Cy Vance with his own case anyway," he added. "We'll have to see where the cases go. He faces obviously civil litigation concerns with respect to allegations made by women in his past. That's a separate matter. The big iceberg in front of him is definitely this investigation by Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance."

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