'Cyber Ninjas' CEO swearing off doing more audits after death threats from Trump fans
Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan. (Screen cap)

On Friday, Slate reported that Doug Logan, the CEO of the Florida-based "Cyber Ninjas" security firm that conducted the controversial partisan "audit" of ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona, is swearing off conducting any more such exercises around the country — in large part because of the abuse he is getting from Trump supporters furious he couldn't prove the Big Lie.

"Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based company that conducted the bogus election 'audit' in Arizona over the last six months, says he won't be conducting any more recounts — unless God tells him to," reported David Gilbert, noting that on a far-right podcast with election truther Joe Oltmann on Thursday, "Logan [said] that his reasons for not wanting to do any more audits is not 'because of the left, it's because of the right.'"

On the show, which Logan attended instead of a scheduled appearance at the House Oversight Committee, Oltmann said that he was responsible for publishing what he claimed was an early draft of the Cyber Ninjas report, which purported to say "the election should not be certified." Logan has confirmed his report never said any such thing, although the claim made the rounds on far-right websites.

The Cyber Ninjas report in fact did not find any evidence of election fraud, and actually claims to have found more votes for President Joe Biden than the county officials did in the official count.

"In comments under the video, Trump supporters continued to blast Logan," said the report. "'This is why nothing will happen, because of spineless scaredy cats like him,' " one commenter wrote. 'Doug Logan is a sell out,' another wrote. 'He was a coward,' one commenter wrote. 'He has children that could end up under communism and he better be willing to die.'"

The threats come as Arizona officials who have defended the integrity of the election, like Republican Maricopa County supervisor Bill Gates, have received physical threats.

The Arizona "audit," which was funded partially by GOP officials in the Arizona Senate, was controversial from the start for not following proper recount procedures, pursuing conspiracy theories like bamboo fibers in ballots, trying to block mainstream reporters from covering the process, and demanding county officials hand over election routers which could compromise sensitive law enforcement information.