Trump holds 'emergency prayer call' to boost 'supernatural wisdom'
President Donald Trump meets with religious leaders in the Oval Office on the National Day of Prayer. (Screenshot)

Former President Donald Trump participated in an "emergency prayer call" after he was arraigned over hush money payments to cover up an affair with a porn star.

In a call-in event with Intercessors for America on Tuesday, Trump began by thanking spiritual adviser Paula White.

"We've had a long time friendship, and we've prayed together, and we've loved our families together; we've just loved," he said. "And we're fighting for many other things together. We're being discriminated against as a religion. We're being discriminated against as a faith. And we can't let that continue."

Despite his arrest, Trump claimed he was "having a great day today, actually, because it turned out to be the sham."

"But one thing that I've always remained solid on, that is our faith, our religion, our Christianity, our beautiful Christianity," he continued. "And one of the things I think, and I really believe this, and perhaps the main thing that our country needs again is religion. We have to have religion. We're losing our religion in our country."

White explained the purpose of the call.

"We're so grateful for your heart, for your fight, for your stamina," she opined. "We know you stand at the front on behalf of us all. And as we offer up these prayers for you and your family, we can secure your life, your purpose, your calling. We pray just supernatural wisdom over you and strength to you."

"This army of believers is blowing up everything right now," she added. "Just shows how loved you are."

Watch the video at this link.