Donald Trump has one question for Republican candidates seeking his endorsement, and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said it's Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell's "biggest problem."

Trump-endorsed Senate candidate Sean Parnell suspended his campaign Monday after he lost custody of his children over domestic abuse allegations, and the "Morning Joe" host said that underlined the highly unusual and underqualified Republicans the twice-impeached one-term president was backing.

"Donald Trump, a one-man wrecking ball for the Republican majority," Scarborough said. "You look at what happened to Brian Kemp. All you have to do is say you love him. It doesn't matter who you are, you don't even have to live in the state of Georgia, for Herschel Walker -- he'll endorse you. You look, again, at just the whack jobs that this guy has been endorsing across the country, talk about a bar scene from 'Star Wars.' Look at the Republicans in Arizona that are the frontrunners right now."

"This is something that Mitch McConnell has to worry about every day," he added. "Not Kevin McCarthy, of course, because those seats are so gerrymandered. But if you want to win statewide in Georgia, if you want to win statewide in Arizona, you know, Donald Trump is your biggest problem."

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan said Trump remained fixated on the previous election and has been ignoring advice about helping Republicans win back congressional majorities, and he revealed the sole concern the former president had when doling out endorsements.

"When Donald Trump has his calls with his top advisers and they discuss endorsements -- this is going back a few months," Swan said. "They'll raise a name, such and such, and Trump will say on these calls, 'Where is he on Trump? Where is he on Trump?'"

Scarborough guffawed, but Swan insisted the quote was true.

"That's literally a verbatim quote on these calls," he said.

Trump has only one question for candidates he's endorsing -- and that's McConnell's 'biggest problem