Evidence exists to indict Trump for a '20-year felony': former US attorney
Donald Yrump (Photo via AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC on Saturday morning, former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade claimed she has seen enough evidence exposed by the House committee investigating the Jan 6th insurrection to indict Donald Trump with a felony charge carrying 20 years in prison.

Speaking with fill-in host Sam Stein, the legal analysts said there is no smoking gun that would bring down the former president, but that wouldn't deter her from filing felony charges against Trump if given a chance.

"Is there an actual text or email from Trump ordering anyone to, sort of, literally breach the capitol and go attack lawmakers? and, if not, how crucial is that for Trump as he faces the prospect of additional trials and scrutiny from the DOJ going forward?" Stein asked.

"Well, it's important to separate the two missions," McQuade began. "The one of Congress which is to tell the whole story, and the one of DOJ which is to prove prosecutorial crimes."

"I have not heard the direct link that could make the case for seditious conspiracy for Donald Trump -- certainly lots of circumstantial evidence," she elaborated. "But I also think it does not matter, if they can prove other crimes, that will do the job."

'Conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding is a 20-year felony, it's a very serious crime," she continued. "Thursday I did hear additional elements that advances the ball there. The DOJ has to go in and investigate all of the facts, they have to look at the other side and they have to anticipate every defense. They have to essentially disprove the negative that there is some explanation for all of this. But what we heard Thursday is really important to advancing that crime. Previously, it had been framed as a failure to act."

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