'There is no avenue left': Fox News' Geraldo Rivera tells Trump to accept 'it is over'
Fox News

On Fox News Monday, correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera bluntly laid out that there is no longer any means for outgoing President Donald Trump to challenge the results of the election — and urged him to accept that he lost.

"The president is wrong," said Rivera. "There is no avenue left. There's no legislative avenue. There's no constitutional avenue. There's no judicial avenue. It is over. And the more the president holds out the hope, the tantalizing hope, by calling groups like [Turning Point USA] and saying, keep fighting, keep fighting, or Chief of Staff Mark Meadows with that totally reckless and irresponsible tweet, telling people that right around the corner, we can do this, we can turn this around, that's bogus. There's no way to turn it around. It hurts to say that, but it is true."

Watch below: