'Trump and his team should fear' the newly expanded Georgia criminal investigation: legal analyst

Reacting to a Saturday night report from the New York Times that the Georgia special grand jury investigation into Donald Trump's attempt to tamper with the 2020 presidential election results has undergone a massive expansion, an MSNBC legal analyst said the former president should turn his attention there because that may be his biggest legal danger.

Speaking with host Katie Phang on Sunday morning, criminal defense attorney Danny Cevallos stated Trump 'should fear' what is to come in Fulton County.

"Let us say, hypothetically, but you are representing Donald Trump, get your fee in advance, by the way," host Phang joked, "How much are you going to be focused on what's happening in Fulton County compared to other jurisdictions including a possible criminal referral by the Jan 6th committee to the DOJ?"

"Hyper focused and here's why," the attorney shot back. "In my mind it doesn't really have that much to do with the underlying crime, it has to do with principles of federalism. In other words, the state of Georgia isn't as concerned as the DOJ about tricky little issues like can the executive branch really prosecute a former head of the executive branch?"

"An elected DA in Georgia does not worry about that one iota," he added. "She conducts her investigation and charges, without a single concern about whether or not it affects the executive branch or the separation of powers, or anything like that. So in my mind, that is really the reason why Trump and his team should fear the Fulton County district attorney's investigation more than anything else."

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