'Where the hell is Georgia?': Ex-Congressman says Trump faces most risk from Georgia probe

Donald Trump faces the greatest legal and political peril from the investigation into election tampering in Georgia, and we should be talking more about it, a former New York congressman said Thursday evening.

Speaking on MSNBC's "The Eleventh Hour with Stephanie Ruhle," former democratic representative Max Rose, who lost his temper as a congressman in 2020 when GOP senators threatened to stall a stimulus bill, said we shouldn't be spending time and energy discussing the Mar-a-Lago documents scandal and the recent revelations of an alleged "dress rehearsal" to hide certain documents. Host Ruhle asked Rose about the legal analysis provided on the documents scandal by a fellow panelist.

"Your legal analysis, as always, is spot on," Rose said of civil rights attorney Charles Coleman, who emphasized the importance of "the timeline" when it comes to distinguishing the documents scandal Trump faces from the documents purportedly retained by Joe Biden and Mike Pence.

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"Politically, this means nothing, and yet again, we ask, where the hell is Georgia? That is a case that matters," Rose said. "That is the case that has the most political saliency. That is a case that is of the greatest significance in terms of its criminality. I don't know what the hell they are doing. But from a political vantage point, the more we talk about this, and not that, the weaker that we are. Plain and simple."

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