'Nobody cares': MAGA-loving host shreds Trump's campaign of 'all grievances'
Donald J. Trump speaks during CPAC Texas 2022. (Shutterstock.com)

Right-wing radio host John Fredericks, a fervent supporter of the MAGA movement, went off on former President Donald Trump for his campaign of "all grievances."

During his Tuesday radio broadcast, Fredericks commented on Trump's social media rants and his decision to sue longtime journalist Bob Woodward.

The host began by expressing dissatisfaction with Trump's support of Ronna McDaniels for Republican National Committee chair.

"President Trump is going to do what he wants," Fredericks said. "I think he should have stayed out of it, not even send surrogates. Let the chips fall where they may. Same with [Kevin McCarthy]. Let the chips fall where they may."

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"He sent a big thing out yesterday about, I don't know, fake news," he complained. "He's suing somebody. I'm telling you, folks, I'm just telling you. Nobody cares. I mean, they just don't care."

Instead, Fredericks argued that Trump should be focusing on problems like the price of eggs.

"People are hurting and just putting out more Gettr or whatever it is — Truth Socials — about, you know, suing Woodward and CNN or something," he continued. "I'm telling you, it's all grievances. No one cares. They just don't care! I just don't care."

Fredericks reminded Trump that he "made the decision" to do interviews with Woodward.

"And you don't understand why they turn it against you," he added. "I mean, you've got all the publicity you'll ever need. And you think you're going to sit down with Bob Woodward for 100 hours with a tape recorder on and think that somehow at the end of the day, honestly, that that is going to work to your advantage if you're Donald Trump. Like somehow he was going to convince Woodward what a great president he is."

Watch the video below or at this link.