Trump-backed Nebraska candidate has set off a war among conservatives
Former President Donald Trump shakes hands with Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster at a rally in Greenwood, Nebraska, on May 1. (Doug Coulter/Save America PAC)

According to a report from the New York Times, the ascension of a conservative candidate modeling himself along the lines of Donald Trump is creating chaos among conservatives in the state of Nebraska as he deals with scandals and mainstream Republicans and business leaders line up against him.

The candidacy of Charles W. Herbster to become Nebraska's next governor is currently under a cloud after multiple women have come forward accusing him of groping them, but that didn't keep the former president from appearing in the state and throwing his whole-hearted support to the wealthy businessman who has been an avid supporter during a rally last week.

Speaking with his own supporters at the rally, Trump said of Herbster, "When you vote for Charles in the primary, you can give a stinging rebuke to the RINOs and sellouts and the losers who are so poorly representing your state.

Herbster's embrace of Trumpism -- combined with the former president's attack on Republicans in the state -- has set off a bitter war that has has drawn in the business community that wants the rhetoric toned down.

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According to the Times' Reid Epstein, "Like his political role model — and chief backer — Mr. Herbster is proving to be a one-man political wrecking ball. In a state long known for genteel, collaborative politics and, for the last 24 years, one-party rule, Mr. Herbster’s bid has cracked his party into three camps, with Trump supporters, establishment conservatives and business-friendly moderates battling for power," adding, "A major donor for years to conservative candidates, Mr. Herbster has been abandoned by longtime political allies and seen his running mate quit his ticket to run for governor herself. The allegations of groping are coming from fellow Republicans."

According to the report, Herbster's embrace of Trump is so complete, that he is even featuring the former president's name on his campaign signs.

According to Jim Pillen, who is opposing Herbster, Trump and what he did to the Republican Party needs to be put in the past.

“The style and brand that’s going on in the Republican Party right now has created a lot of wedges,” he explained. “That isn’t really healthy.”

The Times report adds, "In July, his [Herbster's] running mate, the former state senator Theresa Thibodeau, quit the ticket and later jumped into the race herself. She said Mr. Herbster had little interest in anything other than trying to emulate Mr. Trump.

“If you want to lead the state, you should get your knowledge up on policies that affect our state. He had no initiative or willingness to do that,” she stated.

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