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MSNBC's John Heilemann colorfully described Donald Trump's anxious behavior ahead of a Department of Justice filing that laid waste to his legal defense in the Mar-A-Lago search.

The 40-page filing argues that Trump has no standing to claim any relief for classified materials seized by FBI agents because the documents belong to the National Archives, and not him, and prosecutors showed evidence that he and his attorneys obstructed the investigation -- and the "Morning Joe" analyst said the former president was clearly panicked.

"It seems like they don't have any legal moves left," Heilemann said. "I'm not a lawyer, but the lawyer I talked to said this situation is going to get worse for them. What that leads to, really in the end, it's still the question of what Merrick Garland is going to do, is he going to indict Donald Trump? There was some discussion among prosecutors, no, maybe if he got the classified documents back, it will have served its purpose, they will no longer be at risk. Maybe he won't go through with it."

"What we've seen now, having crossed the Rubicon and having sent the FBI agents down there to do that search and seizure, having come back and now know how many documents were there, how long Trump resisted," Heilemann continued. "How high the level was, and now DOJ here laying it on the floor and putting the photographs out, they're not just spiking the ball on all of Trump's legal team, bad legal interpretations and maneuvers, but they're implicitly or explicitly kind of single-handedly tipping their hand, too. I don't understand a world in which Merrick Garland could not indict Donald Trump. I think that's where we're heading."

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"The Trump people know it, Donald Trump knows it, it's causing the panic, the behavior of a guy who seems like he's had bad bathtub mescaline and lost his head," Heilemann added. "That's becoming inevitable, and that's part of what's driving his degree of freakout on the platform he uses. Isn't that just a QAnon platform, Truth Social, is that what they call it?"

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