Mary Trump shoots down  fears that an indictment of 'Uncle Donald' is 'too divisive'
Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Now that more information became available about documents Donald Trump stole from the White House when he left, more questions are surfacing about whether the Justice Department should indict the former president.

On "Meet the Press," for example, Vice President Kamala Harris was awkwardly asked about those who complain that charging Trump with his crimes would be "too divisive." Harris made it clear that Justice has and will be done.

Speaking to MSNBC on Sunday, however, Dr. Mary Trump, the niece of the former president, said that the political risk is that he will react, and his reactions generally make people on both sides nervous. When he lost the 2020 election, for example, he, his staff and allies attempted what continues to be referred to as a failed coup.

The Justice Department doesn't typically base its decisions on political risks, Dr. Trump explained.

"So, the real question here is will it be too dangerous not to prosecute Donald if, indeed, he is potentially guilty of committing serious crimes against this country," she said. "So, it seems pretty clear to me that either way we are going to be in a lot of trouble. We already are. Donald and his enablers are ramping up their campaign to divide this country. They're doing everything in their power to delegitimize Democratic wins in the mid-terms if those happen. The problem is, though, we would be much worse off, even if it created a dangerous situation if we refused to do anything and allowed this kind of criminality to stand."

The Justice Department has asked that the special master be given a month to sift through the documents and the Trump team would like 90 days. Dr. Trump explained that it's obviously a delay tactic, but then again, she said, the special master is a delay tactic that isn't supported by the law or the facts.

"So, again, Donald gets his way because he knows that the further out he pushes this, the better the chance of running into the 2024 election," said Mary Trump. "Which is what he's banking on. It's exactly the kind of problem that has been exacerbated by this judge's egregious ruling visa vis-à-vis the special master. It creates the illusion that Donald has a leg to stand on. It creates the illusion that he may indeed have a legitimate right to these documents, which he does not."

After demanding a special master, Trump has now told the American government that it has to pay for it or at least "split the bill."

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