‘Very bad day for Trump’: Morning Joe says latest Jan. 6 hearing exposed ‘sheer idiocy’ of his presidency
Joe Scarborough (NBC/screen grab)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said the latest hearing of the House Select Committee exposed the "sheer idiocy and sheer terror" that characterized Donald Trump's presidency.

Two of his former top Justice Department officials testified Thursday before the panel investigating Jan. 6 and told lawmakers that Trump pressured them to chase down baseless conspiracy theories and, when that failed, told them to simply call the election results suspect.

"You know, people close to the president yesterday were admitting, admitting that this was a bad day, a very bad day for Donald Trump," Scarborough said. "But you're right about the Italian, the Italian satellites. The fact that Donald Trump had somebody in his government reach out to the Italians and check this crazy Pizzagate-style conspiracy theory, it just made me think, my god, we're fortunate, Madisonian democracy is fortunate, the first time a fascist was running the White House, it was a fascist out of 'Hogan's Heroes,' just complete jokes, what he was doing."

As ridiculous as the efforts to overturn the election were, Scarborough said they were also perilously close to succeeding.

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"It's this bipolar world of Donald Trump," he said. "Yes, part of it is sheer idiocy, and then there's another part of it that is sheer terror, because, well, because American democracy was hanging in the balance, but for the men and the women that stepped up, Donald Trump supporters through and through, but stepped up on Jan. 6 and the days before and after and said, 'No, we're, we won't go there, you've got to leave the White House. You can't destroy American democracy.'"

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